Internet & new technologies

No scientific discovery, no innovative idea, no discovery has been able to influence human society as the internet has. In a short time it has caused not only the “destruction” of traditional business models but also a change in society, which has given rise to a set of businesses which operate and are fuelled by the presence of human beings in a large electronic network.

Perani & Partners support all companies, managing all that themes related this complex and fast progress.

  • Digital communications law
  • Privacy and personal data protection
  • IT product or service contracts
  • E-commerce
  • Internet Service Provider Liability
  • Electronic payment systems
  • Free software licences
  • E-cash, bitcoins, cybercoins and cryptocurrency
  • Gaming
  • Brand protection and brand reputation
  • Buzz marketing & unconventional marketing
  • Social Media Governance
  • Prize contests
  • Digital investigations and computer forensics